Roadrunner Towing & Truck Service LLC

Company Description

Roadrunner Towing and Truck Service is a business offering you professional road service along with complete automotive and commercial vehicle repair at competitive prices.

We repair all kinds of vehicles and are the favorite repair company in the New Jersey metro area, so whether you need a car, motor home or a tractor-trailer repaired on the road, we can help you.

We offer 24-hour commercial road services, including jump starts, mechanical repairs, and fuel delivery, all offered 24/7 so you won't be left stranded.

In 1985 Roadrunner started with one truck. With years of dedicated service and hard work we grew into over 50 trucks (and growing) a truck, trailer, bus repair shop and a full team of trained professionals.

The reason that we continue to grow is that we provide quality service for a reasonable price you will realize this as soon as you call us.


Brakes / Clutches

  • Brakes / Clutches

Fleet Management Services

  • Fleet Management Services

For Hire

  • Common Carrier


  • Fuel Delivery

Trailer Dealer / Manufacturer / Service

  • Trailer Dealer / Manufacturer / Service

Truck & Trailer Parts Sales

  • Truck & Trailer Parts Sales

Truck Repair

  • Truck Repair